Welcome Beautiful Woman

As women,

we are not just our sister’s keeper but yet, we are our sister.When one of us go through a life experience we endure together.We are a culture of multi-faceted beautiful women.We lean on one another and help each other grow.We reach for our sister when she is stumbling and raise her up to keep her from falling.We stay arm-locked, celebrating each step she make.We hold her close when she feels she is about to break.We step in for her, when there is a move she cannot make.We cover her with Christ, when she is wavering and unsure.We love her on days she cannot find love for herself, letting her know she is adored.We continue to give when she does not have the-give any more.We build her up when she has been torn down.We help her to rise, she will no longer break to the ground.She will instead, break ground on a solid foundation. We will pour into her a purpose-filled donation.We smile together, we laugh together, we cry together, we endure together, we continue on together. She is my rock and I am hers.

I am my sister and she is mine.

There is a beauty in ALL of you and you need to take the time to connect with your beauty.  There is only one you and YOU are beautiful.


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